Nagayu CO2 Bathing System

What is it?

It is a compressed tablet consisting of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and bicarbonate. The system adds ions into the rinse following the shampoo, which has been an effective medical treatment on humans for years. This method originated in a small village in Japan, where carbon dioxide naturally occurs in hot springs.

How does it work?

The tablet is place in a special shower head and is immediately dissolved with fresh, running water. When the body absorbs bicarbonate icons through the skin it causes the body to synthesize and release nitric oxide into the inner lining of the blood vessel. This process increases blood circulation and oxygen absorption. When oxygen is absorbed, bicarbonate ion and carbon dioxide within the body are excreted as by-products. This process helps in the maintaining of the pH levels in the blood and skin.

What Are The Benefits Of The Treatment?

Deep Cleaning and Odour Removing

The CO2 treatment has the ability to remove mineral waste in clogged pores which causes odour, while preserving the natural moisture levels in your dog’s skin.

Medical Problems and Allergies

Dog’s skin is ⅓ the thickness of human skin. When the outer layer of the skin is damaged it can cause and imbalance in the skin’s pH levels resulting in scabs, yeast, or oil build up. Using the CO2 treatment maintain the health and quality of your dog’s protective skin layers.

Improved Coat

The effect of the bicarbonate ions, hydrogen ions, and citric acid wash off mineral and silicon dirt clogged in the hair root. This results in a full, silky, and healthy coat.

Results can typically be seen after one treatment, but like antibiotics, or other treatments, dogs with major skin issues will need follow up baths for the treatment to work. The skin needs time to recuperate if the problem has been present for some time. While the Naygayu Skin Therapy Treatment will not cure skin problems, it will help alleviate the symptoms.