I was born and raised in the industry, so i have been officially grooming for just over 13 years.

I started grooming to help out the family business and later realized i enjoyed it and had a overwhelming passion for it.

My favourite breed to groom is poodles, with that being said i enjoy grooming a ton of different breeds. There’s always room to grow and learn in our industry so one day i could have a new favourite.

I personally own 3 dogs (which is still not enough for me) i have 2 pitbulls both age of 9 Brooke & Keko last but not least my old man Rylee is 13. I also have 2 shop cats named Mac and Cheese they live at The Grooming Studio so you may see them from time to time.

There are so many reasons i find my job rewarding but if you are anything like me your dogs and cats are your fur children. The fact that you trust your loved ones in my care is so rewarding i wouldn’t change what i do for anything.