I have been grooming for just over 4 years now. I always knew i wanted to work with animals and when the opportunity presented itself to become a groomer i took the leap and have been loving it ever since, truth be told it was to get a girl but when i started grooming i fell in love with two things.

For as long as i can remember I’ve always had a dog in the house with me. I’ve had a array of dogs including Basset hound, Portuguese water dog, Cocker spaniel and many other mutts that i have loved over the years. Currently i have a Great Pyrenees/ Newfoundland cross named Theodore. He is my big lazy furry friend that reminds me everyday of the love dogs bring to our lives.

My favourite breed to groom is Pomeranians and chihuahuas. I like being able to connect with my customers through the shared love of their pets. I love grooming is a growing industry that provides a creative outlet for so many people.